At the 2nd Marriage?

  • Are you at the 2nd marriage and seldom see eye to eye anymore?
  • Is your relationship a well-oiled just-going-through-the-motions machine?
  • Did your spouse turn into a roommate and you cannot even remember when?
  • Do you barely have meaningful discussions anymore?
  • Have you had enough with living a boring couple life?


If you have answered yes at one of these questions, this webpage has been designed with you in mind. I am here to tell you there is HOPE!

  • You can gain your happiness and zest for life back!
  • Your spouse can be the friend, partner and support you long for!
  • You can keep true communication going on forever!
  • You can start looking forward to really living again!


I have been working for the last 4 years with individual clients on personal issues to assist them become the best version of themselves. In this process I have repeatedly heard questions about 2nd marriages and the more I listened to them the more I understood that there is a gap that is not addressed for this segment. And this is how I decided to develop a new program specifically for improving 2nd marriages.

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