The Power of Having a Coach

I have decided to share success stories when they are touching me deeply. As a coach I value each achievement but it is one thing to work with a client for a long period and then get the results, however it is always exciting to get them quickly.

In the following video I share a very recent success story with a client  with whom I have used Positive Psychology Coaching techniques. This is a repeat client and the feedback I got from her has shown me that by now she has become a fan, not only a customer of mine.



Positive Psychology Coaching is taking into consideration strengths and values of the client and starts from the premise that each person is whole, healthy, resourceful and motivated to grow. When the client has also decided to do what it takes to change the situation they feel stuck in, then the success can be guaranteed.

The mind is our very powerful ally in any transformation, however it can also be our biggest hindrance if we do not know how to work with it and engage it toward empowerment. There are a multitude of mind-based modalities that achieve astonishing results and I am so grateful that we live now in times when we can have access to the very best and efficient ones, that have a solid scientific research behind them. Some example are, besides Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Creating Your Future Processes® etc. In this manner people can really design their behaviour in such a way that assists them in succeeding easily and effortlessly.