“Enjoy Your Walking”


Last night I had an appointment with my Osteopath. He told me I needed to learn to walk
correctly if I wanted my body to function at its best. He showed me how to balance my body, how to hold my head, etc. He said I needed to allow the energy to flow through my body and feel the elongation this produces. He woman walkin in natureexplained that every part of my body has a specific harmonious function in the walking process and if I let it, it will function well. He emphasized I would feel better all over. As I was walking, practicing, in the hallway of the clinic under his supervision I heard
him say something completely unexpected: “Enjoy your walking!”.

What a novel idea, to enjoy my walking! It never occurred to me. I always thought of walking as something we do to get from one place to another ­ not something to enjoy in and of itself! Yes, I do enjoy walking through a park or on the shore of the lake, but that is mainly because of the scenery and is not about the walking itself.
Then it downed on me: this is just another paradigm we are programmed to believe. It’s couple walking in naturelike us accepting the idea that our relationship with our significant other will modify and lessen after a couple of years of living together. How many times do we hear: “Well, the honeymoon is just that, a month, and then real life kicks in.”

I know this does not have to be true! For some of us it takes a second marriage and getting into our 40s and 50s, to understand there can be another truth. Once we decide to live on our own terms, we realize there is so much we can enjoy and mold to our own specifications ­ including our marriage or intimate relationship! Our relationships can be wonderful for our entire lifetime! If you are curious about how this is possible, please feel free to visit my website.

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